No Sales.  No Money.  No Business.

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The SuperGlue to Sales Membership Community

Makes Sales Coming into Your Business Easy and Consistent Every Single Month.

It’s a community for Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sales Managers, Sales Teams, Service Providers, Consultants, Coaches, Solo Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Anyone who knows that they need to make sure there is consistent monthly revenue coming in and that revenue needs to keep on growing.

Plus All the Checklists, Templates and Trainings to Get Sales into Your Business and Company Every Month so……… 

Glass Buildings
  • You Can Make a Difference in the World with What You Do.

  • Your Potential Clients Want to Buy from You Each Time.

  • Your Pipeline is Full.

  • You Create Trust and Build Business Relationships that Count.

  • You Develop Sales Workflows that Get Results for You and Your Team.

Glass Buildings

Ready to Have Consistent Sales, Money in the Bank and Your Business Growing?


Activate Your Membership for…………

  • Timely and tactical monthly trainings that you can attend live or watch on your own time.

  • Weekly videos to specific applications to different situations and circumstances.

  • A supportive community to answer any and all questions.

  • Fast Implementation Bootcamps.

  • Understand & Implement Sales Psychology from the Buyer, Seller and Team Perspective.

There’s More to this Membership Community


 The business landscape has shifted even more recently and trust is something that you need to grasp to be able to do business.


People have their guard up and that means the very people you’re trying to do business with have little trust in you.

This Membership Community will also cover all aspects of developing trust and building business relationships that matter by you understanding and implementing sales psychology along with the checklists, templates and training so you develop the glue that keeps all this together because you’re selling to people.


And that’s the better way along with the sales workflows, training and and checklist to…..

Get more leads.

Get more clients.

Have great followup.

Maintain trust to build relationships.

Build Strategic Partners with Clients.

Maximize Profits.

Hire the right sales person and build the right team.

I’m LoriAnne Reeves and I’ve been writing, teaching, coaching and consulting and doing sales for over 20 years.  I’ve created this Membership Community: The SuperGlue to Sales based on my upcoming book: The SuperGlue to Sales: Implementing Sales Psychology to Close Clients Quicker.  

It takes more than knowing the service or product you sell well to get a consistent flow of clients nowadays.  You need to be able to understand the humans in front of you and their internal motivations.  Skip that along with the tactical about sales and you work for twice as long for less money. 


Sales is about people no matter their title and who they are. In our rush to automation and using technology, we have forgotten so much about the human side of selling.  It’s actually a combination of all three and knowing where and when to apply them.


That’s why I created this Membership Community and I want you to join us.  Click here to sign up.


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