Welcome to all of you who want to Create Trust and Build Relationships as the key to growing consistent, monthly sales that generate revenue for a profitable and sustainable business in these ever-changing times.

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Designed as a Community for any Business Owners, Founders, Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Start-Ups, Sales Leaders, Authors, Speakers and Anyone Whose Most Pressing & Immediate Need is

BUSINESS GROWTH through Consistent Monthly Revenue coming in and that revenue needs to keep growing no matter the circumstances or situation as the business community changes.

Change has always been with us but the speed has accelerated.


You need a place where you are learning and being informed.


You need a community.

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What you want and require (but haven’t mastered yet) is:

Regular, Sustainable, Consistent Monthly Income To Grow

Built on Trust And Relationships

People who want to consistently 


The Solution

Learn to master, implement and develop all the ways to create monthly sales to grow your business in the 

SuperGlue to Sales Community

A Monthly Comprehensive Community to 

Learn, Implement & Develop: 

  • Connection with potential clients who are right for you and your business.

  • Building a relationship with them that’s authentic to you.

  • Showcase your expertise and the problem you solve.

  • Learn the language of trust to communicate in such a way potential clients are receptive to you.

  • Develop sales workflows that get results for you and your team.

  • Understand that To Buy is Human and the psychology that gets you a credit card.

  •  Working with you to tweak your strategy and language so a sales conversation is easy.

  • Creating virtual ways that are effective with clients today to grow your business.

  • How to make your business more profitable and sustainable in a constantly changing world.

By joining us now, 

you will receive the following:

5 Virtual Classes

with me,  where I walk you through how to find potential leads, exactly how to connect and nurture the relationship, and a follow-up plan to fill your lead generation pipeline.

with me,  where I walk you through the fundamentals to the ever-changing adjustments you’ll need to make moving forward as change speeds up in the business world.

with me,  where I walk you through the fundamentals to the ever-changing adjustments you’ll need to make moving forward as change speeds up in the business world.

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Weekly Videos

to add to the training and keep you up with the ever-changing business climate.


Templates, Checklists, & Sample Emails


Quarterly Fast Implementation Bootcamps

with LoriAnne to get even more up to date results.  And much more with surprises along the way.


Language, Words

psychology, emotional intelligence, mindset and trust that are crucial for you to master in developing deep business relationships with potential clients and current clients that is the

Glue that holds a sale.


Timely and Tactical Monthly Trainings

with me,  where I walk you through the fundamentals to the ever-changing adjustments you’ll need to make moving forward as change speeds up in the business world.


Replays & Recording

All the replay recordings of all classes to be able to listen to repeatedly.  Also, a Facebook Community where I’ll be interacting with you, helping you with your copy, and strategizing the best approach for you and your business.

Sales Workflow Lists and reach out language for connecting, nurturing, and follow up.  Language, words, and psychology are crucial for you to master.

Ready to have consistent sales, money in the bank and your business growing no matter the circumstances?

There’s More to this Membership Community

The business landscape has shifted even more recently and trust is something that you need to grasp to be able to do business.


People have their guard up and that means the very people you’re trying to do business with have little trust in you.


This Membership Community will also cover all aspects of developing trust and building business relationships that matter by your understanding and implementing sales psychology along with the checklists, templates and training so you develop the glue that keeps all this together because you’re selling to people.


And that’s the better way along with the sales workflows, training and checklist to…..

  • Get more leads

  • Get more clients

  • Have great followup

  • Maintain trust to build relationships

  • Build Strategic Partners with Clients

  • Maximize Profits

  • Hire the right salesperson and build the right team


Hi, I'm LoriAnne 

I’m LoriAnne Reeves and I’ve been writing, teaching, coaching, and consulting and doing sales for over 20 years. I’ve created this Membership Community: The SuperGlue to Sales based on my soon to be published book: The SuperGlue to Sales: Implementing Sales Psychology to Close Clients Quicker, my Masters in Psychology and my experience working with clients, sales teams and sales leaders. Besides The SuperGlue to Sales book, I’m introducing my next book here on
sales: The Easy Ask where you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to have strategic sales conversations with potential clients and develop more business with current clients. I want to have a community where I can share cutting edge psychology and emotional intelligence when it comes to the human buying and selling experience.

It takes more than knowing the service or product you sell well to get a consistent flow of clients nowadays. You need to be able to understand the humans in front of you and their internal motivations. Skip that along with the tactical about sales and you work for twice as long for less money.

Early Bird Bonuses

Bonus #1

A video of a recent presentation of what’s important for you to concentrate on right now during the recovery to grow your business.

Bonus #2

A Downloadable Copy of LoriAnne's new book: To Buy is Human from LoriAnne’s new book - The Superglue to Sales.

Bonus #3

Private session with LoriAnne for additional and customized support.

The problem is that business people think they know how to build trust and relationships. But I’ve been at the other end of the conversation with clients when they didn’t get the sale and worked with a sales team that thought they had a relationship with the decision-maker. When they actually didn’t. It takes more than being to have a conversation and understand a client’s needs. There’s this constant forgetting that we are dealing with human beings.

Sales is about people no matter their title and who they are. In our rush to automation and using technology, we have forgotten so much about the human side of selling. It’s actually a combination of all three and knowing where and when to apply them.