Trust in You

A few years ago I spoke to a potential client and all they wanted was a business that made money.  I get that but they didn’t care what it was they would be doing. I knew it wouldn’t work because when the days are tough and you are not invested in what you are doing, it’s hard to run a business.  It’s not a win-win situation for anyone and keeps folks on the rollercoaster income plan. You should make money in your business along with the right business building skills, sales, and marketing plan. The phrase, “do what you love and the money will follow”, has merit to a degree but it misses so many points regarding running a business and leaves so many of you not making money but loving the possibilities of what you love to do. What we all forget is everyone involved are human beings and it’s actually where you should start when deciding about your business, a retool of your business, a tweaking or a rebrand. Start with yourself first.  Take a long look. Be honest with yourself.  That’s the tough piece - honesty. Research shows us that most human beings overestimate what they don’t do well and underestimate what they do well.  You have a hard time seeing yourself for who you are. It’s because many times your truth isn’t the truth.   When I went through Gay & Katie Hendrick’s certification for Transformation & Leadership, it was a common theme for all of us to identify what we were average at as our genius.  The reality is for you to identify what is so easy for you that’s not easy for others.   That’s your genius Looking at your genius - how does that translate to your life’s work - your purpose - your business that you’re building that has an impact in the world. Next, let’s look at the other side of the human experience - your potential clients.  With your genius skills identified, what would potential clients buy from you? Do some googling.  Check out Facebook and LinkedIn. Make a list of what others are buying and buying quickly. Don’t look to be the same as everyone but identify the crossroads of your genius and potential buying clients.   Once you know your genius talents and the people who are willing to buy from you, build all your business strategy, marketing and sales around those pieces.   I went to college on a scholarship.  The only problem was I majored in something I didn’t like and for 4 years I struggled with my grades.  My 18-year old brain thought I had no other choice if I wanted to go to college. The scholarship was for that major only.  There were pros/cons to this. The pros - I got the best paying job out of college than anyone else in my graduating class. The con - I thought I wasn’t smart and worked hard to hide that from others and myself.   It wasn’t until I went to graduate school and took the first graduate class that I was proven wrong. Every day, I thought my professor would find out I wasn't supposed to be there.  It wasn’t unusual for me to get sick right before class. My thoughts and assignments were not like other students. That first A proved me wrong. It was such a turning point for me.   Trust in you. Trust in the honest version of what you’re truly here to do, with your talents and your genius.   Don’t wait years building something that’s not you. More than 95% of business owners are not being truthful with themselves. Be different and look closely. Then build your business at the crossroads of you and the clients you are here to serve. Not there yet? Click here to read about The CEO Entrepreneur™.  Your unique self is one of our pillars of business building. We start with some key assessments. Click Here.