The Deep Dive in Sales - Go Deep or Go Broke!

Sales is a deep dive process on so many levels. It's not easy for many entrepreneurs. We know that because over 50% of small businesses will no longer be around in 5 years due to cash flow. The other stat is 85% of them make less than $100,000/year. That a ton of work for failure or very little money.

Knowing these number, most small business leaders will not do the work around sales that needs to be done to be a successful business. It's the one area that would help them grow yet they will prioritize their expenses in other areas instead of growing their business.

Go deep or go broke regarding your sales is a fact. The numbers above prove it.

What does it mean to do a deep dive in sales?

Let's start with the basics - 7 Steps to a Deep Dive Process in Sales.

  1. Taking Shortcuts to Growth & Scale

Imagine putting your child in a Calculus class before they even know how to add, subtract and multiply. That's exactly what happens when businesses set out to scale without a sales process, know how to have a sales conversation and are consistent in closing business for steady growth. CEOs and owners of small businesses all want to grow but nearly all of them don't want to learn how to sell and develop business. Your first step to growth is knowing you can sell at a high close rate.

2. Not Looking at Other Industries

It's so important to become familiar with trends, patterns and insights from other types of businesses than your own. It is a wealth of information and insight that you can adapt in how other industries look at their sales processes. I recommend to all my clients to check out economic forums of other industries.

3. Relying on Your Own Perspective

This one will shut down your sales and the money coming into your bank account in a heartbeat. In a sales conversation, its vital to hear your potential clients perspective without losing your own so you demonstrate the results you provide within that potential client's view point. They will not hear you otherwise.

4. Aligning with Your Ego.

Your ego always gets in the way of financial success. Know the difference between your ego and your genius at what you do to explain the deliverables to a potential client.

5. Making Erratic Decisions

When you are not in tune with knowing how to make great decisions in your business, not only will you loose sales but your clients will not buy from you again. They will know it even if they cannot put words to it.

6. Finding a Good Strategist or Consultant

I know a ton of articles always put this one in but what I'm talking about is finding someone who can take you deep on your sales strategy and your leadership when it comes to sales. When clients hire you, they are also looking to you for your leadership. Your leadership development must also be a priority in your deep dive process.

7. Focus on Your Business & Yourself.

Know the personal is the professional and the professional is the personal. This comes up with a whole lot of psychological stuff when you ask someone for the sale. It happens to them and it happens to you the minute someone ask, "How much do you charge?"

There are no quick techniques, tactics or checklists that can help you with your own deep dive in sales. It takes a multidimensional approach. Start with these seven and put some time and effort in other if you don't Go Deep, You'll go Broke!

Let me know if I can help you.