Why You Don’t Get Results!

It’s a great question, isn’t it?

So many small businesses invest their time and money and come up short every time.

That’s the huge gap in business coaching and consulting - people who are investing in courses, funnels, and all the bells and whistles in programs are coming up short with their results.

It’s pervasive throughout the whole industry.

There is so much knowledge and education out there.

I don’t know about you, but I love to learn and I have learned a ton of stuff in my 25 years as an entrepreneur.

Business knowledge. Tech knowledge. Networking knowledge, etc….

But, the gap is obvious - there is no strategy from education and knowledge to implementation and getting results. It’s such a big problem in the market

If I got a dollar for every entrepreneur who told me all the stuff they’ve done and didn’t get results, I would be a multi-billionaire.

To get the results you really want:

Education and knowledge are only 25% of the formula.

Consistent implementation is 35% of the formula.

Strategy is 40% of the formula.

When a potential client gives me a list of everything they’ve tried and didn’t get a result, I ask - what was the strategy?

What typically happens is they repeat the education and knowledge they have received.

That’s not a strategy!

What you need is a business strategist and consultant to take your knowledge and education into a strategy that works and gets you results.

A strategy is not something you learn. A strategy is a way to get results.

Get as much knowledge and education as you want but build your business with the right strategy for you and your industry.

Otherwise, you’ll never have the business you dream of having for you and your family.

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