Postion, Reposition or Pivot?

Have you seen all the social media posts, emails, videos and articles on pivoting in your business right now?  Everywhere I turn someone is talking about how you should pivot in your business.

I found myself getting irritated about this subject yesterday when discussing with a client what her plan moving forward would be.

Here is what I said when she mentioned pivoting - “STOP”

Why? - anytime change is happening in the world, in the community and for you directly the #1 effort on your part is to make sure you and your family are taken care of for this time of uncertainty.

The second effort is to look at your business as it was last week and now from a positive and realistic perspective.

Here's how to decide if you should Position, Reposition or Pivot: 1.  Some of you have businesses that will thrive during this time of the unknown.  We are seeing that on the front lines of delivery services, grocery stores, medical supplies, and online services.  If you are thriving right now, keep going, hire the right people and have someone who can continuously update your plans so when there’s a change in your market, you can then reposition.

2.  You are maintaining your business right now - you are in a position to maintain for several months, even up to six months. You need to position yourself in the context of what is going on in the world.  Where can you be a problem solver? Increase your value to your current clients. Get your message down so your potential clients understand the value you bring to them. The business world has shifted to needing advisors, experts, and mentors.  If your business can fill that need, position yourself well now. You will do well in the future. 3.  You can maintain for a month or two.  This is where most small businesses are right now.  Make sure you are a problem solver. Be visible with the problem you solve.  People still have problems and will need them solved. Reposition. Reposition.  Then pivot. Pivot after you get feedback from what you’re talking about and being visible as a problem solver.  Your business talks back to you. Don’t wait to act on what you are hearing. Act on any and all opportunities. Sort through them.  You will know when to pivot. 4.  Your business is failing now!  You have no choice. Pivot. Pivot.  Pivot. It will be hard but if you truly are a business owner, you will have faith in your actions until the pivot works.  Don’t give up.

There will be a tremendous amount of opportunities for small businesses as the SBA gets funding and starts distributing money to stimulate the economy. Be a problem solver to be part of the solution. The work I’m doing now with clients and small businesses is developing the messaging about their value as a problem solver during this time of complexity and when the worst is over. When I can help you with this, let me know.  It’s valuable to know how to position, reposition and pivot.