What's Important Right Now For You In Your Business

Everything you do right now or don’t do right now in your business matters! It matters for Today. It matters for the Weeks Ahead. It matters for the Longevity of your business as we come out of isolation, social distancing and the fate of our economy in the months to come. You must keep in mind that the fundamentals of business don’t go out the window during this time. Anchor yourself with them every day. Your words are powerful - have a point of view and hold several at the same time as we navigate this multidimensional time. Clients want your leadership right now. Be clear and certain in your communication on what you know. Show up with the value you bring during this time of chaos, confusion, and complexity. Right now my clients, colleagues, family, and friends need more of my time to talk to me. They know I’m leading with the psychological aspects of the human experience because it is part of the value I bring to everyone. It dawned on me yesterday why it was 5 PM and I didn’t get my to-do list done. I had been on the phone and on Zoom much longer with everyone. It’s what matters now. What’s the value you are bringing and show up and sharing? Show up for your people by not only sharing your value but messaging that value in a way that serves the current circumstances for your clients and for those who follow you. With a Masters in Psychology and over 20 years working with individuals and businesses during tough times and tough circumstances, this piece of my own business has value for others more now than my other skills. Look at your value, message that value and have offers for that value. It’s not sleazy to make an offer to someone who needs the solution you may have for them that solves a problem right now during these uncertain times. No cost offer. Low-cost offer. High-cost offer - it doesn’t matter. If your value, messaging, offers and psychology were strong pre-coronavirus, you will rise as a leader and have consistent monthly income during the next few months. You might have to re-position some, but your strong foundations will get you through. What you choose now is crucial to your future success. However, if the momentum of your business was OK before this uncertain time and you are feeling fear, you have some important decisions to make.

Decide whether you need to invest in hiring an expert to work with you so your value is clear in your messaging. Decide whether you are going show up and be the leader right now. Decide to learn how to make offers with integrity because you have a solution to a problem that needs to be solved now. When you decide now is the time to invest in yourself, hit reply to this email and have a conversation with me about your messaging and the foundations of business and sales. It’s an unusual time right now and it calls for more boldness and truth for you as a business owner. I’ll be sharing more of that to be of the highest service to you and my community.