What’s Happening Behind the Scenes . . .

When a major hurricane heads to the Gulf Coast, high-level protocols start taking place. The news gears up and tracks the hurricane for its landing location and strength. Major equipment is moved to critical areas. Medical supplies are stocked piled and hospitals have every employee on staff or standby. First responders are called in for duty. State and Federal agencies are put on notice in case needed. And so much more……

Once the storm passes the first priority is all about keeping everyone safe and secure. And the assessment of the storm damage to people and places is next. Getting the right services to the right areas immediately is crucial. Clearing debris for the power to be restored and the trucks to get to the affected areas with groceries, water, and gas. Then after storm protocols gear up to work and target the right services in the proper order for maximum results. I just got off a Zoom call with the task force that is mobilized next - those of us who volunteer our expertise in mental health, psychological services, assessments and helping others through the human experience of a major event. It’s a task-force that stays mobilized longer than most. Our Zoom call was about gearing up to support hospital workers on the front lines of this virus and first responders and families with love ones in nursing homes and beyond to stabilize lives and businesses. What does all this mean for you? I have been part of this task force since 9-11.  This time someone from the SBA was on the call as they are expecting business owners, like you, needing these services besides the money that will become available due to the economic impact many businesses are and will suffer during these unknown times. Your small business will be a major part of the economic recovery and you want to be healthy both with the money you bring in and how you experience your humanness during this period of the pandemic. Both will affect you.   Pay attention to both your money strategy and psychological well being. They work hand and hand with each other and always have but now it’s even more crucial. You need to begin a process of identifying challenges and decide how you will respond. You need to seek information and guidance that will help you chart the best path forward. What are those challenges for you? What do you need to know to respond with certainty and take action? Where can you find information that can help you make the best decisions? Even in the face of uncertainty, you still get to decide where to focus on your business. When you decide to make a decision on your business during this time and get that support let me know. Make a decision to be healthy for you and lead your business and be practical in what comes your way. What’s being asked of you more than ever is to lead in so many ways to be part of the solution. You are invited to join our group for Business Owners and Leaders Maneuvering The Challenges of the Unknown where leaders and entrepreneurs continue to serve and enroll in times of uncertainty focus on something different. Click here to Join.

I’m working with my clients right now to work their way through this time. Each business has challenges. Some are thriving. Some are repositioning. Some need to pivot. Each of them has a plan for now, for the recovery and for growth. If your brain is on overload and you’re trying to figure out your next steps for your psychological well being and your business, let’s talk. Now’s the time to have a plan for now, during recovery and for growth.    
Friendswood, Texas