The One About Social Shaming About Sales

The backlash first appeared on Facebook. I happened to run across a post that was demonizing people selling their courses. The comments were in support of not selling anything right now during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Then the comments starting shaming others.

This morning I saw someone shame another business owner on LinkedIn for posting a service and asking for the business.

What does this mean to you and your business?

If you hated sales before, now it’s even more intense for you.

I’ve stated many times before the virus - no sales - no money - no business. This basic premise hasn’t changed because sales is a business foundation that needs to be mastered in your business.

What has changed in sales right now is the context we are in and the psychology of business and sales that has become even more important when people do not feel safe and secure.

It seems if people are not shaming, business owners are giving away free resources, training, and webinars. It’s important to be generous during this time but you need to evaluate whether you are jumping on giving away ‘stuff’ from your heart or from money triggers.

Don’t give away anything you have from a money trigger. You will not get the outcome you want. I’m seeing too many giving away from a money trigger. It won’t work.

There are several ways you can operate regarding sales during a time of the unknown that will not come from money triggers.  I wrote an article on LinkedIn about this -Proven Ideas to Help Your Sales Success in Times of Confusion, Complexity & Uncertainty. Check it out and let me know which one was most helpful to you and your business.

One last comment, business owners are buying what they need right now.  If you provide a service that answers that need then someone will have a conversation with you. The sales process is different and the conversations are different but the fundamentals of sales hasn’t changed.

Don’t ignore sales. Adjust to the context - the strategy - the psychology.