A New Year - 2021

It's been an unexpected year for all of us is such an understatement.

I want to say something so profound that it will erase any anxiety any of us have about the last 10 months but other than to say - Happy New Year!

There are so many thoughts and reflections about last year as I write on this first day of the New Year. I am glad to see 2020 be behind us but also so very grateful for the opportunity this year allowed me to examine my personal growth and my business growth.

Being grounded was hard for me because I love to travel. Travel was about doing business, making new connections and having great conversations with friends I knew who would be at certain events. Love going to new places for vacation and business. That came to an abrupt end in March.

I built my business on speaking in person for the last 7 years. It's how potential clients got to know me before they hired me. This year allowed me to evaluate what speaking gigs I will travel for moving forward and which ones will be all virtual.

This year showed me where the holes were in my business. Some were plugged. Some were let go. New ones were developed and built. Can't wait to share those with you.

My full appreciation for having multiple streams of income was a game saver for me. When one area stalled for a few months, another one took off and my year was great.

It was fulfilling to see my clients end up thriving and bringing in results for themselves and their own clients they never thought possible. It wasn't just their increased income (though thrilled about the money) but they were able to hone and tweak their frameworks so it was repeatable consistently to get the results every time they worked with a client. That will be so valuable moving forward into 2021.

The gratitude in my heart for 2020 was the time it gave me to do deep, meaningful work in my own personal development that is now moving forward through my business. When you leverage yourself internally, you leverage everything in your life including your business.

This year is full of opportunities for all of us. We'll need to have are eyes wide open and be able to move quickly on them. 2021 will still have tremendous change and its up and downs but it is the start of a new year that gives us all huge possibilities.