A Deep Dive Into Your Business Relationships.

Build your business relationships and your business will grow.

Build your business relationships to increase sales.

Build your business relationships to become an influencer.

It's one of the most common business advice given and I've heard it for over 25 years since I've been a business owner. In fact, if you read the books that have survived the test of time, they also tell us to build business relationships.

I know you all know this but do you really know how to build business relationships in a way that makes your connections deep and continue no matter how you evolve and what trends, tactics are popular right now in the business building industry.

My experience with my clients is that they don't know what that really looks like in this day and age. A like or comment here or there or an out of the blue reach out doesn't cut it anymore.

Great relationship builders know what counts. It's the small things that you remember to do that builds that connection into a great relationship.

Today, that deep connection is necessary with all the noise out there. For most of my clients, one of new aspects of their business model is to no longer going wide but to go deep with everything they do. This means their business model, their sales, their content, their clients because to be the influencer that others call first, you are going deep. There is no other way.

Here is how you go deep in building your business relationships deep.

  1. Do you care about some of the same things others care about like your own in this relationship?

  2. Do you remember them?

  3. Do you thoughtfully connect?

  4. Do you follow up?

  5. Do you make them think in your conversations?

  6. Do you celebrate their wins?

  7. Do you really listen?

  8. Do you smile when you think about them?

  9. Do you reach out to others and connect without an agenda?

The how is about who did I genuinely reach out today to have a conversation. Right now, I want you to reach out to three people with the perspective above today. If you don't, then you're not building deep business relationships.

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