• reeveslorianne

A Deep Dive Into Money & Your Business.

I always state that entrepreneurship is the best self help development program you will ever embark on even if you don't know it. The key is to recognize it as soon as possible. This way you grow as much as your business grows to accomplish that big vision of yours. It will cause you to grow in ways that you have never imagined in your life.

If you're willing to make that decision that that's the way you're going to do business and life, you absolutely have the opportunity to have a wonderful day every single day no matter the challenges you come up against.

For nearly every entrepreneur the first and lasting challenge that occurs is - MONEY! Until you get your money life in order at a deep level, you'll stay stuck at a level of growth that looks like survival - and sometimes for years. It seems to be OK for so many business owners to stay in that struggle and never hit the $100K level let alone achieving their big vision.

So many are more invested in the struggle than they are in their own success. It's not hard to reach $100K/year in your business. Making money can be easy and simple - if you're listening.

It takes a deep dive into your strategy and your money to accomplish what 85% of small business CEO's can't - reach that $250K and beyond.

Nobody teaches you how to go from survival with your money to thriving. Sure there are coaches and consultants that teach techniques, tactics and promise that $100K/year or that $1M/year. From my observation as a CEO Entrepreneur for 25 years, they work but it doesn't last.

There's a switch that goes off inside your brain and body when you make that connection at the intersection of great, deep strategy and a deep psychological dive around your money.

Where to start?

Look at your money goal you declared in January. What challenges have you faced since making that declaration? They are telling you something. They are evidence to what is in your way. Look at your strategy and deeply at you. Ask the question, "How am I managing this?" Then ask yourself, "What's needed here?"

It takes more than powerful questions but you can get a head start to clearing the way to creating the consistent monthly income you desire by beginning the process.

Connect with me if I can be helpful anyway.