A Few Other Things You Might Like to Know

  • Love the joy of doing business (There is an artistic element to it)

  • I’m a speaker and love travel (They seem to go hand and hand for me)


  • Besides a Sales & Business Strategist, I’m a Professional Psychotherapist (I see you clearly to help you see yourself and others clearly)


  • My secret skill is copywriting/language use

(I didn’t know I had that skill until my clients told me! Now, I claim it)


  • I’m clearly a systemic thinker. (Looking at the whole to see the gaps)


  • I’m committed to understanding the human experience in business and entrepreneurship  (People do business with other people and until we’re replaced by robots, it’s us)


  • The most important piece is getting results for my clients.

(I had someone accuse me of getting results.  It was not a compliment. I was confused!)


  • If you are looking for results, stick with me here


  • If you have fear and are stuck around sales and money, I know I can help you


  • If your business model, marketing & sales strategy are not aligned, call me


  • If you are at a loss as to what to say, let’s find your sales voice, business voice and leadership voice


  • If you are leaving money behind, let’s put the money you want in your bank account


  • I’m probably one of the best at closing sales while being myself and I can help you do the same.  I can show you another way by using strategy, psychology, and transformation to get the results in your business, yourself and your team. This combination is what helps create a sustainable business you love year after year.


  • You’ll connect, capture and close on multiple levels even more with the industry you serve, your team members, clients and customers, and the most important piece - you.


  • The added bonus - this work will elevate you in all areas of your business and life.