Friendswood, Texas


I’m so excited you landed here...

Because it likely means you want to make a meaningful, lasting difference in people’s lives and make a great living for yourself with your business. You love what you do but you’re working way too hard. It’s important to do the work but just as important to do the right work in the right order so you have the time for your clients, customers,

and yourself.

Doing the right work in the right order leads you to success. That’s the strategy that we start with to get implemented based on the right business model for you while making sure your marketing strategy and your sales strategy are aligned. You want a strategy that fits you and how you work best. It prevents you from chasing all “those bright shiny objects” that can waste time and money as you build your business. 

My Background

  • Bachelor of Science - Textile Science

  • ​Several years in Manufacturing 

  • ​Corporate Sales for a Chemical Company

  • ​Sales Representative of the Year for a Fortune 100 Company

  • ​Masters in Psychology as a Marriage & Family Therapist 

  • An entrepreneur for over 20 years 

  • ​Built a Clinical Practice & Counseling Center to Multiple 6-Figures

  • Leadership & Organization DNA Consultant to Corporations

  • ​Consulting with Women Business Owners to Grow their Business, Scale their Income, and finally Achieve Freedom of Time and Money

Clients and Audiences Include: