One-Day Sales Intensive



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January 24, 2019

Start Tripling Your Sales 

in 30 Days.


Adding an Additional $100,000 to Your Bottom Line.


• Would you rather fill your day with all the busyness a business owner can find so you don’t have to pick up the phone to ask for business because sales is “icky”?  It makes you break out in a sweat just thinking about it!


• Or maybe you’re scrambling to offer you’re services and products to fill your business and you’re tired of running into price resistance, especially because you know you should be charging more.


• Or perhaps you are so busy delivering all your free content, FB Lives, and Networking that you don’t have time to ask for the business and when you occasionally do, they just stare at you.


If you’re a smart, ambitious, committed business owner who has forgotten that you actually get to choose how you run your business and live the life you want then this Sales Intensive is for you.


If you can imagine yourself having 6-12 months of recurring income that is contracted and committed then this Sales Intensive is for you.


If you can imagine knowing how much money you will make next month and you will make the money you want doing the work you love with the people you are meant to serve then this Sales Intensive is for you.



A word from LoriAnne

Statistics show that within 3-5 years most business owners will no longer exist due to cash flow problems.  You’re already riding that roller coaster monthly income problem.


Don’t be that statistic.


 Most people who try to do this work by themselves get burned out, tired and give up on their dream business and stop.  People who go it alone wind up missing the most important steps in developing a sales strategy for their business or get stuck in their heads, and never finish or really avoid asking folks to do business with them.  They can’t see what they can’t see about what is missing to have money come to them through their business for a successful life.


Sales is one of three fundamental must-haves for any business to grow and thrive.  Yet, somehow in this social media world, we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking we don’t need to have a sales conversation with anyone.  If I build it - they will come.  No!



I created this 2 Day Sales Intensive that allows you to get the results you want without working alone in the dark to make it happen.  I call it The Power of You in Sales.  These two days will allow you get pass what’s in your way so you can finally normalize your sales strategy into your business as who you are and finally have the consistent income month after month.  It’s important to have a business model, a marketing strategy and a sales strategy that aligns with your industry and you.


Did you read that last sentence - a marketing strategy alone is not a sales strategy!  You need both.





Here's How it Works

Once you sign up you will receive an assessment for you to fill out prior to our time together. 


Send it back so I can start thinking of what you will need. 


During the two days, you will receive content, one to one laser coaching for you and your business to triple your sales. 


You will leave with a clear profit sales roadmap with the strategies necessary to implement your plan. 


You will receive mentoring, coaching and trusted support for you to be successful. 


You’ll leave with a calendar with your daily strategies for sales success.  You will know what is getting in your way and receive resources so they no longer stop you. 


You will leave knowing you are on your way to Tripling Your Sales in 30 days.


Join us at Hotel Indigo near the Galleria, Houston, January 24, 2019