Yet, the largest risk is often running a business can ruin….

  • Your marriage…..

  • Your partnership….


  • Your relationship with your children….


  • Your relationship with other family members…..

Let's Get the Both of You to Experience How Entrepreneurship

Your Business Can Ruin Your Marriage

Your Marriage Can Ruin Your Business

It's Compounded Because the Line & Boundaries Become Blurred.

Can Elevate Your Partnership

Solidify Your Love in your Relationship


Experience the Rush of Success


Shared Joy of Hard Work Paying Offer

Peace of Financial Stability

You Just Need to Do It Right.

Conflict can pull your marriage or your business apart.  In most cases, it pulls both apart.


The big secret - it can point you in the right direction of what that conflict is really telling both of you and that it wants to be put to rest.  When managed well, it takes you to a place of where you have envisioned your relationship at home and work for so long.


Besides being a business owner for over 20 years, I’ve owned a private practice in Marriage & Family Therapy in the past. Today, I combine all my business skills and psychology skills to help business owners with sales, sales psychology, leadership, and growing their businesses that make a difference in the world.


The funny thing, I made a decision to keep my license and have found that my background as a Professional Psychotherapist is needed just as much when I encounter family-owned businesses, entrepreneurial couples, those married to entrepreneurs, and business partners.


The multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to the framework I use has given my clients the tools, knowledge and lasting skills to manage whatever shows up at home and in the business.


If this is what you need right now, I work with a few select entrepreneurial couples, family-owned businesses, or business partners at a time all virtually.  Let’s chat and discuss what your needs are today and moving forward.

Are You Part of an Entrepreneurial Couple?


Are You Married to an Entrepreneur?


Are You Both Spouse and Business Partners?


Are You Business Partners?


Are You Part of a Family Business?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, family-owned businesses, and business partners all of you share one common necessity in building your businesses - you take risks in pursuit of financial independence.