“Businesses & Entrepreneurs hire me to connect, capture and close business, working with me to sell confidently and with authority.”

Thank you for being part of our community.  Sales is difficult for so many of you.  I’m here to help. 


Make sure your business model, your marketing strategy and your sales strategy are aligned with your industry, your clients/customers and yourself.  Your business model drives how you interact in the business world, your marketing strategy drives business customers and clients to you and your sales strategy is how you interact with potential clients and customers to ask for business.


“Your marketing strategy is only 50% of your business picture —— the other half is asking for the business.”  LoriAnne Reeves    


We tend to make the mistake if we do one more Social Media post that we are having sales conversations.  We also think if we are busy networking that we are having sales conversations.  We have conversations with potential clients or customers but never ask for business and then wonder why we are not having a profitable business.




Here is the Close Sales You Love While Being YouTM basic sales conversation for you to get started:


The Close Sales You Love While Being YouTM  is based on a model of learning to listen at the whole picture to determine the gaps and being able to zero in on the one challenge you are able to help with in the moment.  During the conversation you are able to

* Connect
      with the person you are speaking to about how they can work with you.

* Capture
      the right information to zero in where you know you can help.

* Close
      business by using your leadership voice.


“How many times did you ask for business this week?”



Sales Conversation Part One



1. What is your business/life/health right now?

2. What is your biggest challenge?

3. What do you want to accomplish in the next 6-12 months?

4. What do you think is holding you back?




Sales Conversation Part Two



1. Ask enough questions until you get a full picture.

2. Don’t get into their stories or your own.

3. Pick one gap to give feedback on. [ONLY ONE]

4. Be helpful and clear.

5. What would your business/life/health look like if your challenge was solved?




Sales Conversation Part Three



1. State [if true]: I know I can help you with that.

2. Would you like to hear how my programs/services/products would help you get the results you are looking to achieve?

3. Once you get permission, make sure as you speak about how they can work with you, your language is based on the results they will achieve.

4. How does that sound? If affirmative, ask for the business.  Then, KEEP QUIET until they speak.  You are holding the sale!

5. When you get yes, congratulate them.  Take their credit card information.  Run the deposit.  Give them clear instructions on what happens next for your on boarding system



If you get objections, it’s possible that you didn’t show your value or they didn’t connect with you.  Go back to the capture sequence and start again with the objection in mind and go through the sequence again.